Why Plants

How relevant is the problem of air pollution in offices?

More than 300 different volatile organic substances have been found in office air. The sources of this air pollution are carpets, wall-paint, varnish, new furniture, glue and wall-coverings, which all discharge a comprehensive mixture of organic substances.

People themselves also contribute to this problem; dry-cleaned clothes discharge tetra ethyl chlorine and hair shampoos, soaps and deodorants discharge pleasantly smelling chemicals. In fact, all chemical substances in fragrances and perfumes are volatile substances.

Each person leaves a small part of these substances behind in the air everywhere. Furthermore, we discharge isoprene, acetone, ethanol, methanol and some other alcoholic substances, which our body naturally produces, into the air.

If these emissions are multiplied with the number of persons in an office or in a crowd of people, then we get a phenomenal result coupled with the insufficient ventilation in many buildings, the problem increases.

Nowadays, being exposed to this chemical cocktail is considered to be the main cause for headaches, exhaustion, dry eyes and respiratory problems. Many employees in offices suffer from these symptoms, which worsen the state of bronchitis and asthma, both having developed to a world-wide epidemic proportions. Unfortunately most people are unaware of this ever present pollution of the indoor air and they do not know how to diminish the problem.

For more details of research into the benefits of office plants in the workplace visit www.plants-for-people.org, www.healthygreenatwork.org.
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