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Indoor-plants help to improve the quality of life indoors in many different ways.

• They reduce the harmful substances in the indoor air, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs); they support the stabilisation of the relative humidity and also support the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange (O²/CO²).
• They are cheaper to use in comparison to powerful air filter systems.
• They offer flexibility in the selection of their location and, if necessary, can be moved.
• They are environmentally friendly.
• They offer aesthetic stimulants to people in the rooms.
• They do not cause acoustic problems.
• They do not interfere with ventilation systems that are already installed.
• If cared for properly, they will keep up high results on relatively low maintenance costs.
• They offer flexibility in their regular care, this means that the maintenance intervals are not of such high importance.
• They help to create a balanced working climate and consequently support good motivation.
• They can be used as attractive and splendid room dividers in open plan offices.
• They reduce blinding effects and tired eyes as they reflect yellow/ green spectrum, which the human eye responds to as being pleasant and relaxing.
• The introduction of plants bears no change to the structure of the building.
• They offer the opportunity to discretely solve an environmental problem.
• Plants only cause relatively low purchase and maintenance costs.
• The possibility of a sudden failure or breakdown is relatively low.

They are cheaper to use in comparison to powerful air filter systems.
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