Welcome to A New Leaf

Our mission at A New Leaf is to make sure our customers do not worry about anything in regards to their plant service. Our goal is to keep the plants up to par with the quality and standards of the customer we service. At a New Leaf we tell you what we are going to do and we do it without you having to call us and remind us. We show up consistently every week and we address issues as they arise. We are proactive and have "an understanding for service". We are locally owned and our plans are to expand only locally, one account at a time.

Through the 23 years of services, we have found that most consumers with plant service have no idea what they are really paying for or what their contract entitles them to, consequently most don't know if they are getting what they pay for. We listen to what the client says, we understand what the client needs, and we deliver what we promise our customers. Did you know our plant maintenance contract includes a weekly visit to clean, trim and water the plants as well as a fertilization program. We take the time to trim each leaf to their natural look and shine the plants as needed. We diligently rotate the plants to keep them growing evenly and we treat them organically to prevent fungal diseases and pests so they remain as full and lush as the day they were delivered. This is our commitment to you!

We look forward to providing you with the best service.


They offer the opportunity to discretely solve an environmental problem.
Ph: 214.908.1587